With the intention of clearly marking a connection with the AnVa-group, Tuna Stålrör AB is now changing its name to AnVa Tubes & Components. Our logotype is also changing as per above.


The company’s organizational-/VAT number, address and telephone numbers, focus and general business intention remain unchanged, as is ownership.


Our name-change is coordinated with our sister-company HT Svarv that changes its name to AnVa Components. In the AnVa-group already is off course our sister-company AnVa Polytech.


Coordinated with the name change, our AnVa-group web-site www.anva.se is being launched, which is replacing our previous web-site. Our e-mail addresses are being changed from “@tunastal.se” to firstname.lastname@anva.se. In order to not jeopardize any communication, both old and new e-mail addresses will co-exist during an interim period.


If you have any questions or concerns around this, please reach out to your normal contact with us, or call Per Andersson, MD, AnVa Tubes and Components, +46 (0)16-541 91 05.


Best regards from us!


AnVa Tubes & Components





The AnVa-group contributes to Swedish business competitiveness in the world through reliable deliveries of components of highest quality. To achieve this we work intensely to automate processes and engaging all coworkers in continuous improvements. Our way of working shall always be colored by respect for the individual, ethics and sustainability.